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Intern Diaries: Radio Production Day One

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Meet one of our four interns that we are following for the next six weeks.

About me. I am in my third year studying a Bachelor of Communications. It doesn't happen often, but occasionally, I'll get so shy that I can't even sustain eye contact. My palms get so sweaty it's as if I am a nervous foreign exchange student or something.


Day one:

In my team there are five of us. I am the only girl and it’s messy as. In my interview they show me the “pod” area of the team that I will work with. They aren’t there, they are in the studio, but what I notice immediately are the giant tubs of supplement powder sitting on every desk.

What drives men to buy a years worth of protein in one transaction astounds me. I personally date scrawny squirrels who probably couldn’t carry a large jug of water without assistance, so I am at first nervous to think what life working with these sporty, male types will be.


I personally date scrawny squirrels who probably couldn't


7.45am: I arrive and they are all already there, eating toast and drinking supplements.

Everyone is really nice to me, two of them went to the same university as me, so they throw around a little banter and then they say things like, “how’d you get stuck in this team etc.etc.banter.etc.”


8.00am: They have a morning meeting. This is a little hectic. The show goes on the air at noon, so every morning the team is actively putting the show together. This starts with a quick meeting to discuss the segments scheduled for the day.

They are all talking about stories that sit within their ‘vertical’ and working out how to tell these stories to the station listeners in a new and unique way. They put a lot of time into the building of scripts for the show, and a big part of that is thinking of great questions to ask that will prompt those themes.

I am shadowing Jack. He shows me how they colour code the segments—red and yellow —depending on whether or not they have booked a particular guest and during the meeting he is writing in the optimal time for each one.


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My job (eventually) they tell me is to take each one of those segments that we produce and create a web post.

This being my first ever internship, I have a warped view of what an internship should be like. No one ever asks me to get coffee or make them a protein shake. (And thank god, because I would need to roll the 5kg tub into the kitchen somehow and then devise some kind of elaborate pulley system to get it on the bench).


9.10am: Jack asks me to watch the Premier’s commentary about the light rail. It’s seven minutes long and he wants a ‘sound bite’ he tells me just to find the best bit and then write down the sound times for him. I kind of love watching it and looking for a needle in a haystack; which in this case was a little 15-second sound bite that worked for the news story.


10am: Jack is busy organising interviewees or people to call in and comment on sections for the show. He gives me a list of people to call, he runs me through a script of what to say… which is fairly generic, but makes me feel super important. I really don’t enjoy talking on the phone in my personal life—I actually avoid it as much as possible—but this is ok. If they say yes, I highlight them in yellow and tell them that I will call them during the show with a two minute bump in time.

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11.30am: Thirty minutes before the show, Harry (I don’t know what he does yet) heads into the producer’s booth. He listens to each of the day’s sound files that have been uploaded. Then the board operator comes in and they chat for a bit. I just sit and watch and stay out of the way.

The show officially starts at 12.08, just after a news break.


12.08pm: My job during the show is to call the guests who are about to be interviewed. I am amazed that they are trusting me so much not to mess this up.


At 2pm the team does a post-mort and I head off to lunch.


2.05pm: As soon as the sound from the show is available, I sit with Jack while he shows me how to edit the full show down into the respective segments. It’s easy. Then he explains that I will just attach them to the appropriate web posts. He also explains what a CMS is.

At this point everyone starts in earnest to work on the next day’s show. I leave at 3.15pm. Friday is my next day!


What I learnt:

  • At first I was disappointed to be working on a show that I personally didn’t listen to. I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it because it wasn’t the right genre. I was also nervous to work with an all boy team. But I feel like I learnt more today than I have in my six months of university this year. And the team couldn’t be nicer.
  • Jocks wear moleskin pants at work.

Stay tuned, our next intern shares their day one tomorrow. 

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