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Intern Diaries: Day three at a fashion magazine

What: Inner thoughts of an intern

Written by: An anonymous 3rd year Bachelor of Communications student. 

Where: Workings 1 – 2 days a week at a national fashion magazine 

A note from the author:

As a third year B.Communications student hoping to land a job in mid 2019, I’ve found myself an internship.

The intern experience is minefield of awkwardness. Office meetings, team participation, trying to use a swipe card – these are all opportunities to make an ass out of yourself. Yet, opportunities I wanted to share with you.


8:30am. Tracy Grimshaw** is in a foul mood. Maybe she is annoyed that she has to walk 50m to an elevator to get downstairs to collect me for a day of free labour?

Elevator conversation: “You are more than welcome to come to the Christmas party next Tuesday night at Luna Park”

Internal me: Oh god. Hell NO. I also hate those wavy mirrors they have there.

Real life me: Tuesday? Oh no, I have a friend’s birthday!

We both exchange pleasantry sighs, but are both very happy with the result.

Roxy has pencilled me in for 9.45am for our content ‘WIP’


8:40am. Gallery time. I pull some photos that reflect the ‘emerging subculture of wearing fitness clothes for street style’. Brief in hand, I immediately recommend they play on the pun ‘sporting’ in the tag line (you sport clothes, but in this case they are literally, sport clothes). Tracy laughs.

The saving of images does my head in. Every picture needs to be saved with a uniform naming convention: firstname_lastname_gallerytitle_date_number.

Roxy pushes 9.45 back to 11.00.

Tracy likes my images and says I can ‘upload and caption’.


10:30am. Tracy needs me to sort through the email lists and update their details based on a quick LinkedIn crosscheck.


11am. GO TIME.

Roxy is the best. And, as a teacher, I like her immediately. She runs through my title ideas and hears me out, offers some helpful thoughts around structure and where to find similar article templates. She teaches me how to structure your first paragraph.

She is going to let me write an article.

See Also


1:00pm. Today, I don’t just sit in on the content team’s WIP. I contribute. I have a pad and a pen and use my words. No one cares, but I am ecstatic.

I spend the afternoon writing an article. It’s about a fashion forward activist that is threatening action to go to the Land and Environment court to fight a proposed building going up next door.

Like Roxy said, I am trying to ‘front load’ an article so that the reader receives the most important information first, or at the top of the article. This structure helps engage the reader, and allows the reader to skim the article, “no one reads the full thing,” she explains.


What I learnt.

  • 99% of WIPS are just you being nervous about what you need to contribute, but not giving two hoots about anyone else’s contribution.

Important things I learnt.

  • That the inverted pyramid method is practiced in the industry.’


** Not really Tracy Grimshaw. Looks incredibly similar to Tracy Grimshaw.


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