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Inside Vivid Sydney: Music & Sound Design at UTS

Every year, I’m blown away by the sheer amount of people who attended Vivid Sydney. Last year, there were over 2 million people and the event generated over $170 million in revenue.

But I’ve always wondered how it actually works. Where do they find their artists? Do the artists get paid? And how do the artists come up with their creative concepts? I spoke to…


Name: Harry Hock

Studied: Bachelor of Music and Sound Design at UTS

Career post graduation: Freelance installation artist and music producer



It turns out, the process of applying for Vivid Sydney isn’t as difficult as everyone may think.

“You just submit an application and do some renders, describe your idea to them and then submit it. If they like it they’ll give you funding and then you’ll make it!” Harry told me.

He also explained that artists have to estimate their budget when they apply and whatever is left over is essentially the money that artists get paid.

However, it's not uncommon to underestimate the amount that you will need and


Considering that installations usually take months to complete, it’s definitely better to overestimate your budget.

I was also curious about how Harry made the transition from music to installation art.

“Initially I worked on a Vivid installation during university with my friend. He needed a sound designer. I got on board for that and it was the centre piece of Vivid that year, it was in Martin Place and it got the most coverage out of anyone.”

From that first Vivid installation, Harry learned the ropes of creating large scale artwork but


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Aside from his Vivid Sydney work, Harry has also written music for 28 by Sam Wood and Body by Rachael Finch.

“I wrote some music for one of the bachelors, when he finished The Bachelor he released an exercise program online and I wrote the music for his videos. Then I did a couple more for the same production company. That was pretty fun!”




Learn more about the Bachelor of Music and Sound Design at UTS.

Harry also told us about his installations at Vivid Sydney, which we think you’ll love!

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