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Inside an accounting cadetship

Inside a degree in accounting…  We spoke to:

Accountant: Kate Garrett (Director at Boyce Chartered Accountants)

Students: Kimberly Butler and Tim Parish

Degree: Bachelor of Accounting

What is accounting?

Kimberley: Accounting is all about building a relationship with your client, caring for them, helping them maximise their wealth and helping their business perform.

Kate: As part of my role I manage client relationships and meet with clients. We do compliance work and prepare their financial statements and tax returns.

Can you explain what a cadetship is?

Tim: At Boyce they have a cadet program which involves you working part time and you can either study full time or part time. It allows you to get experience working at an accounting firm while also completing your studies.

Kimberly: The experience you get at Boyce while studying at CSU really will help you prepare for a job when you leave uni. You get to work with a buddy and attend weekly learning and development sessions while at Boyce so the experience you’re gaining I something you don’t get in the classroom but it really compliments what you’re learning at uni and will help you get a job when you finish.

Kate: Cadets are miles ahead of graduates. They just have that practical experience and they’re probably at the point where they can start dealing with clients.

What do you like about your degree?

Kimberley: I like the flexibility of studying at CSU, you can do classes at a distance or on campus, you can work them around your work schedule and the resources that you get are really great.

Tim: CSU helped me by getting me into Boyce as a cadet by their placement that we have to do as a second year at university. So essentially I had to do 120 hours of placement for a CSU subject which I applied for with Boyce. They’re happy to take on people through placement and that’s how I got my foot in the door.

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What’s your advice?

Kate: I think if you’re not sure what you’re going to do, you can’t go wrong with a business and accounting degree. You cannot go wrong. You will use it at some point in your life.

Kimberly: If you’re unsure of what you want to do, think about the subjects that you enjoy doing and if you’d like to do that as a career. And look at the subjects that are a part of the degree – so the subjects that I do for accounting – and if they appeal to you then go for it.

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