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Inside a Bachelor of Design in Landscape Architecture

Despite what people may think, landscape architecture is so much more than designing gardens. It’s about finding innovative ways to make the outdoor environment – such as parks – blend in with our modern world. I wanted to find out what kind of projects landscape architects work on and how a landscape architecture degree works. I spoke to…

Name: Hayley Mulder

Degree: Bachelor of Design in Landscape Architecture at UTS

Job: Architect at TYRELL STUDIO


At the core of landscape architecture is the environment.

Landscape architects are constantly trying to find ways to preserve, protect and


At university, landscape architect Hayley Mulder designed a civic project for the City of Sydney in Green Square. Green Square is a brand new development in Sydney, full of huge apartment blocks and community spaces.

“[The project] was about how to create a sense of place for the new people moving in there, it was a very diverse public with different cultures,” she said.

Despite what people may think, landscape architecture isn't just about the design of a space, it's actually about


In her Green Square project, Hayley had to focus on creating a sense of belonging in such a large development.

Hayley said that the project was about “getting people to feel like they belong in a place that’s so new and doesn’t have a lot of history.”



At TYRELL STUDIO, Hayley worked on the Western Sydney Parklands project. She said it was rare for a firm to work on such a large project. It covers 52.8km2 and although they designed a small part of it, Hayley said it was a great learning experience.

She said she enjoyed “looking at scale and learning how to break up such a large park into smaller individual spaces that people feel like they can inhabit without being overwhelmed at the size of it.”

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Hayley works part-time at TYRELL STUDIO while she’s studying. She told me that her job has allowed her to see the real world application of what she learns at university.

“When you’re at uni, it’s very conceptual, so it can get a little difficult to realise how it might work in the real world.”

'So getting practical experience has been really good -

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