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Inside a Bachelor of Communication (Public Communication) at UTS

Inside a degree in communications at UTS… We spoke to:

Name: Eliza Marks

Studied: Bachelor of Communication (Public Communication) and a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at UTS

Career post graduation: Design to Innovate Consultant at Aurecon

The way that we communicate is constantly changing, and the way that we choose to listen to and receive information varies from person to person.

For communications professionals, learning how to effectively reach different people with a particular message can be really difficult.

The way that someone advertises a product to your grandmother will inevitably be different to

I spoke with Eliza who studied a degree in public communication and she agreed.

“You can’t say the same thing to everybody because it won’t resonate with them and you won’t get where you want to go”, she said.

I asked her why she chose to study communication and what the main takeaway was for her.

Unleash creativity with the powerful tools of


“You have an understanding of how the psychology of communication works: how different people listen to things differently, what biases play into what they’re listening to,” she said.

“You have practical skills like you know how many words should be in a tagline for an advertising campaign, you know how to write a press release, often you know how to pitch.”


Learn more about the Bachelor of Communication (Public Communication) and Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at UTS.

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