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Inside a Bachelor of Business at UTS

Inside a Bachelor of Business at UTS

Business degrees can get you a seat at almost any table, but I wanted to know what kind of specific things someone can do with a business degree. I spoke to…


Name: Rachel Power

Studied: Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Economics at UTS

Career post graduation: Graduate Economist at Deloitte Access Economics


Rachel, a graduate at Deloitte, told me that her business degree was actually really flexible and the specialisations are all quite different.

“Someone who’s studying business might be doing marketing and human resources, someone else might be doing economics and finance. You’ve got people who work as accountants, people who work in public relations or international relations.”

Between all of those different specialisations, people can work in


Rachel works as a graduate economist at Deloitte.

“We take a problem that doesn’t seem like it has to do with finance at all – something like: what would be the benefit of having cleaner water in Sydney’s beaches? And we look to quantify the effects”, Rachel said.


'While I'd done a bit of accounting and a bit of economics, I didn't really know anything about


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“All of those things were something I wanted to have an understanding of before I jumped right into a specialisation.”

I spoke with Rachel about how I have always seen business as a degree for people who want to make a lot of money and work in a bank.

A lot of students seem to think that way, but the truth is that the degree can be used as a


“One of the subjects I really liked was called economics of the environment. It was about how economics provides us with a framework to make decisions about the environment…

...and what kind of economic policies we might use to be able to do things like


Learn more about the Bachelor of Business at UTS.

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