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Inside a Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation

Inside a Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation

Inside a Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation at TAFE NSW. We spoke to:

Name: Sam Munt

Degree: Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation at TAFE NSW

Job: Freelance Animator


What is the course like?

Sam: It goes for 3 years. The first year is a generalised year – we cover everything from storyboards right through to concept design, rendering (which is the final output) and everything in between, which is creating skeletons and the actual character himself in the 3D world.

Do you get to pick a speciality?

Sam: I did, I picked rigging and programming. Rigging covers what’s happening beneath the skin.

If we have a look underneath a character, there's a skeleton - that's the rigging. I can add on handles and I can


How do you limit what players might do?

Sam: That’s up to us, as riggers. We’ve got the capability to enter all these figures and data, all the mathematics and science behind it. We learn what the limitations of the human body are, and we’re able to apply that so that the animators and the game players can’t break it while it’s in game.

Where would someone see animation like this?

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Sam: This animation could be used absolutely anywhere – don’t be fooled, it’s not just for big budget movies.

We use it in television, we use it in simulations, for practices for people


Anywhere that someone is unable to get to…  for example surgery or flying airplanes, where they wish to have a practice at it and hone their skills.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve worked on?

Sam: The coolest thing I’ve worked on would be Vivid 2018. We did a light projection on Government House, it was absolutely fantastic!

If this sounds interesting to you, you can learn more about the course that Sam studied. 

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