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I hate my job, can you relate? (Looking for advice)

Att: Footnoters: Looking for advice from people in similar situations

I have been saying that I don’t like my job for a long time, but I’m too lazy to change.

I am so unmotivated just before a shift. There is no worse feeling than putting my uniform on and knowing I have a 12 hour shift on the road or back at HQ. But, I am even more unmotivated to look for a new job. Mostly because I’m afraid that it will change my life too much.

I am a paramedic. I will admit that there is nothing like the satisfaction of helping someone; but this career is not like TV where we save a life every day; in fact, the calls where you make a difference between life and death are few and far between. For me, the most frustrating part of the job is the abuse of the system. People will call for things that do not require an ambulance. Sometimes it’s elderly people who have no one to check on them, sometimes is a drug seeker looking for pain medication. Unfortunately, people sometimes use 000 as their primary means of medical care.

I’ve been in the job for five years now. I loved the four year course and my first two years in the field. I am in my late twenties and with a very specialised set of skills, it’s scary to think how much longer I will need to do this job.

Changing careers is within my reach. My shift work means that restudying is achievable. So, what’s holding me back? Irrelevant of industry, anyone that is in the same situation will hopefully relate to the inertia to change. Because while yes, I’m sure I need a career change –  I also like the life I’m living right now. I like knowing exactly what I need to do everyday, I love that I have a flexible schedule and a salary that will increase by a set percentage every year. I’m extremely careful not to work myself into the ground for this job now; I used to go above and beyond for every single visit, and in terms of work-life-balance; I’ve never been more free!

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The point is, I can do anything I want. I can pay my rent and do a course on the side. Hell, I could get a part time job on the side and then decide I don’t like it; all while still working as a paramedic. I could spend a day at a new job and then quit. I can spend a year at a new job and then quit. But doing any of these things relies on me working hard and I feel like I don’t have it in me anymore! Does anyone else relate? What is your advice?

If you have been in a similar situation, or have advice, please comment in the comment feed on the facebook post.

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  • Studying something you like doesn’t have to be hard work.

    Many degrees can be dialled back so it’s no more time consuming than watching the latest TV series.

  • Hi there,

    Yes, I do feel you. I’ve been doing my PhD for four years and finished it recently. Besides my studying I’ve been doing a lot of casual/part-time jobs from babysitting to lecturing at my university. I knew I had to build up a great resume so I guess that was basically why I put myself in that burnout situation. I achieved so much, however. But it was always annoying me and I came to a point that like yourself hated every step of it. I resigned from all of my jobs couple of months ago and moved state to start new. I am jobless now and searching and applying for jobs. But I can’t ignore how great I’ve started to feel. I’m filling up my days with lots of meditation, yoga, gym and much self-care. To be honest, I’m loving it. But I can’t also ignore the internal criticism inside me that pushing me back to the very busy lifestyle I had before, just couple of month ago. To satisfy the criticism I am applying for full-time jobs actively too. This time, however, I am cautions to make sure I find something I like to make deeper connection from my heart with it as well as reminding myself to working on my vision board job wise as well (not being a visual person I’m finding it really hard but I think it’s worth it). I don’t want again to pass 5 years of my life and look back and see myself not liking what I’m doing and feeling burnout again.

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