How to read your own palm

Your love line, money line and wisdom line explained.

Look, we understand that life is a terrifying maze of sliding door moments, Am I meant to be single? Am I meant to quit my job? Am I meant to move state? – And that we all need serious, serious help. So we spoke to the experts (Google) and got the run down on the ancient art of palm reading. If you are in the mood for feels … continue reading.

 The head line

Also called the wisdom line, this is the second most important line in palm reading.

The head line reveals a person’s wisdom, attitude, ability, their self-control and more. 

What does the length of your headline mean?

Long: A long head line shows that you have a very clear mind, when you want to. You are responsive, good at thinking and more considerate than most others. But sometimes you can think too much, which makes you procrastinate decisions. (Far left, above)

Medium: You are also smart and brilliant.  (Middle, above)

Short: You are usually slow to respond (to more than just texts) you are hasty, careless, indecisive and impulsive (sorry). You like to approach things in a systematic way, and you like Ikea instructions. (Far right, above)

What does the degree that your head line ‘bends’ mean?

Straight: You’ve got a strong analytic ability, you are practical, and you are dedicated. You’ve always been good at maths, commerce, science and technology. And you can successfully sync an iPhone.  (Far left, above)

Curved: You are gentle, tolerant, realistic and have a strong people skills. We ca tell that you’ll suit a job in media, PR or psychology.  (Middle, above)

Steep Downward: You are creative and artistic (so naturally your line is curvy). You might be a painter or a poet or a candle stick maker, and you most probably did an Arts degree or studied fine arts. You are VERY emotional. If you spend too much money, you’ll get the guilts.  (Far right, above)

What if your headline intersects your lifeline?

Finally, if you have a rare palm (above) it’s because you are a very decisive person with flexibility, dah.

Love line

The heart line usually shows a person’s attitude to love and the quality of the love they have in their life. 

The success of  your relationship, marriage and best friend status are all reflected in this line.

AKA: There is a lot riding on this crease.

What does the length of your love line mean?

Short: You need to take a long and hard look at yourself… a short love line means you are self-centered, ruthless, narrow-minded and like to act arbitrarily without thinking about the consequences. If you don’t check yourself, you will lead a lonely life. As for your love life, that’s not all smooth sailing either. (Far left, above)

Very Long: If your heart line is very long (extends to the edge of the palm from both side, like the picture shows), it indicates you are too rigid in your relationship – it means that you’d rather break up a relationship than bend it (meaning, you struggle to meet your partner in the middle). You are loyal and you won’t cheat any time soon, but you are set for some major upheavals in your life… a marriage break down or a break up between a long term partner. Bonus though (?) Career wise you are going to be successful. (Middle, above)

Ending at the Mount of Jupiter: As the picture shows, if your heart line extends to the Mount of Jupiter which is located below the forefinger, your life will be filled with LOVE. You have big dreams and high expectations, and you will get it all. (Far right, above)

Does it matter if your love line is curved or straight?

Curved: You have a way with words! You can create a romantic atmosphere at the click of a finger and because of this you will have no trouble picking up in spontaneous meetings. These people often have office romances….  (Far left, above)

Downward curved: Sorry guys, but this line means you have a negative and weak character. Romantically, you often leave your partner feeling unsure… you don’t tell them how you feel and for that reason they will feel insecure. This creates twists and turns in relationships and often leaves you feeling alone. (Middle, above)

Straight: A straight heart line shows that you are approachable to the opposite sex. In love, you are usually shy and play a passive role in the relationship. For this reason you’ll have  a stable and harmonious relationship. (Straight, above)

Money line

Don’t stress if you can’t find this line immediately, it’s very faint. Though, the more lines you see… the better.

If you have a lot of deep, clear and straight lines  it shows you are both smart and good at investing your money. You could make a fortune! Also, this means that you have lots of forces in the universe (or a good mentor) helping you in life. You’ve got a good shot at fame, too. (Far left, above) 

The waved money lines show that you won’t have financial stability through your life. Unfortunately, you will have a lot of troubles throughout your business or career. If you want to achieve success, you need work on your attitude toward work. Remember… sometimes you aren’t right. Also, maybe read this article: How to be a millionaire  (Middle, above) 

This is bad… broken money lines indicate poor fortune. You will meet many difficulties in your career and what’s more,  you have an irritable and inpatient in personality, so you’ll probably quit at things when they aren’t working straight away. Be patient, work on your self reflection and you might have a shot. Also, maybe read this article: How to be a millionaire (Far right, above) 


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With all this talk of fortune we spoke to a real psychic Tammy Moir who answered our questions and told us HOW she knew that she was a medium. Read it here

How to read your own palm
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