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How to get a graduate job at a bank

How to get a graduate job at a bank

Getting a grad job at a bank: we’ve all heard the story. 400 people apply, 40 get in. There are stories about people getting the job through friends, getting an internship through nepotism and needing an HD average to get in.

I decided to talk to someone who actually has a graduate job at AMP Capital to figure out exactly how she got there. I spoke to…


Name: Rianna Darby

Studied: Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Arts in International Studies at UTS

Career post graduation: Graduate at AMP Capital



It’s hard to escape the rumours about graduate roles, especially those at large companies, being notoriously difficult to get into. It turns out the rumours are true – 20 graduates are fighting for each advertised job vacancy in New South Wales, a 2017 survey revealed.

But, as with anything else, the playing field isn't always even and


I met up with someone who didn’t seem to have any issues in the graduate application process. Rianna is a UTS graduate who landed a role at AMP Capital. I asked her what she thought about the grad job reputation.

“We all get really hyped up and a little bit nervous because people say you need distinction averages and need to have interned at all these banks or consulting firms already…

...In actual fact, a lot of companies are just looking for who you are as a person and


Rianna said that most business students start applying in April of their final year at uni, but this is just the beginning of a pretty lengthy process.

“You usually start by doing your online application, so that’s where you briefly talk about what your degree was, who you are, maybe what kind of things you’re strong at,” Rianna said.

Then it moves on to your psychometric test. This step definitely has the worst reputation amongst people that I know, but Rianna didn’t find it particularly challenging.

“It’s a bit of maths or English or ‘what’s the next shape in this pattern?'” she said when I asked her to describe it.


'Once you go through those two stages you do your video interview. You're literally just talking to a screen and answering questions.


The final step is the assessment centre. Rianna says this is where students actually go to the company and do their first face to face interviews. It usually includes a group task as well.

I felt like it all sounded way too easy- and if it were that simple then everybody would be working at a company like AMP Capital.

So, I got Rianna to take me through her resume, so that we can see exactly how she got the role she wanted.



Learn more about the Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of International Studies at UTS.

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