How to date a designer

So you are dating a designer? I don’t care what kind of designer, I don’t discriminate. So whether you’re dating a graphic designer, a fashion designer, an interior designer, a web designer or even a design ‘consultant’, read on.

If this is a new relationship, I feel like I should tell you that your life is about to change. I was just a ‘boring banker’ before my girlfriend came into my life like a whirlwind. Your house will change for the better, until this point as a ‘boring banker’ you never appreciated what drop lighting could really do to your 3 windowed bedroom (it will open the space right up), or how loudly the textures of your cushions had been screaming ‘murder’ at your doona for 18 months.

I am going to step right in and help with what is probably to be one of your first hurdles. Her birthday is coming up and she has given no hints? You’re simply unprepared. Do not waste your time googling “presents for designers”. She has been ‘pinning’, ‘posting’ and ‘issuu’ stacking for months my friend.

I recently read an article titled, The 6 Pieces of Advice for Every Designer Looking to Succeed, and after four blissful years in a relationship with a designer I thought I should do my civil duty and translate these for every partner who is soon to be a plus one at the Underground Typography Festival, Unearthed. (I will see you there.)

6 things you will need to understand about a designer, after they read, The 6 Pieces of Advice for Every Designer Looking to Succeed:

1. “Listen to your instincts: if the work doesn’t excite you, it will not excite anyone else.”

Translates to:  Why would you buy the $2 bottle of water when the $5.20 bottle has matte lettering?

2. “Get a clean, simple website up.”

Translates to: Finding a new set of ‘boutique’ fonts will change EVERYTHING.

3. “Master Adobe.”

Translates to: They speak another language, Adobe, you’ll never understand it.

4. “Curate your work continually.”

Translates to: You don’t have two computer screens? Amature. Don’t have a colour book? You are simply unprepared for the three hours of tone changes on that yellow square. (That colour is probably not ‘yellow’ either, by the way)

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5. “Success comes to those who stay up late.”

Translates to: Do you enjoy being woken up at 12am to talk about CSS and HTML, and my God, don’t even get me started on how much this font kicks Helvetica’s butt.

6. “Make friends with a printer”. 

Translates to: When your girlfriend is spending more time ‘printing’ than at home, do not ever ask if Pantone friendly printing ‘even’ matters.


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