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Virtual Tour of a Veterinary Hospital

We spoke with Dr. Cherlene Lee who owns My Vet Animal Hospital in Waterloo. Here are some of our highlights from the video, and don’t miss the virtual tour of her vet hospital below either:

Who: Dr. Cherlene Lee

What: Veterinarian

Where: My Vet Animal Hospital, Waterloo (Sydney)

Studied: Bachelor of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney (now called Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)

What she does day to day…

I’m a small animal vet – so my day to day is usually looking after sick animals (cats and dogs mainly) and it can be doing vaccinations, health advice, surgeries, lump removals, dog fight stitch-ups. So dealing with emergencies or simple things like a puppy or a kitten consult.

I love working with animals but I think the best thing for me is to be able to educate pet owners and if I can get them to make their pet’s life better, then that’s when I’m happy – that’s my goal.

If you’re interested in being a vet…

If you’re in high school – do volunteer programs. We just did Sydney Homeless Connect for example, where we come and have vet students volunteer for the day. You can also do you work experience at a vet hospital. I did mine at Taronga Zoo – so that was really, really cool.

You can get in touch with the local shelters and start interacting with pets that homeless. That would be a really good start. Make sure you can handle the sad sides of being a vet, as well as the happy.

See inside My Vet Animal Hospital. Scroll across the screen for a full 360 virtual reality view:

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Her advice for you…

I think moving to a rural vet practice is a great opportunity because you can get a lot of experience and do a lot of things that you won’t do in the city.

It’s always hard breaking bad news as a vet, but it comes with the job. Obviously we’re here to help the owners and guide them through as much as we can – but I suppose anyone in the medical profession deals with having to deal with bad news as well. It’s stressful, but it comes with the job.

What she wishes she knew….

I suppose the thing I would have done differently is to move overseas and perhaps work in the UK for a year or two- the Australian vet qualification is widely recognised overseas and it would have been a great experience. Having my own vet hospital now, I’m tied here for a while.

Think you want to be a vet – hear from other people working in vet.

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