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How much money should you be making?

Way back in 2013, 2.1 million Australians (that is 9% of the total population) were enrolled in formal study beyond the high school classroom. Since then a fair few of these guys would have forked out $120 to rent their graduation hat, shook their Dean’s hand and finished up with a boozy lunch on their parents. But, where are they now? And how did they go getting their foot in the door?

Turns out the most “full proof degree”, for Grads looking for industry relevant work in 2013 were:

1. Surveying (Median starting Salary is $52,000)
2. Urban planning (Median starting Salary is $50,000)
3. Rehabilitation (Median starting salary is $50,200)
4. Electrical engineering (median starting salary is $60,000)

More than 4 in 5 graduates with a Bachelor degree in these fields were placed in immediate employment last year.

On the other hand, the graduates who struggled the most to find course relevant employment after graduation were,

1. Psychology students (Of those who found employment, Median starting Salary is $50,000)
2. Architecture students (Of those who found employment, Median starting Salary is $49,000)
3. Visual and performing arts students (Of those who found employment, Median starting Salary is $40, 000)
4.Social science students (Of those who found employment, Median starting Salary is $50,000)


Some other interesting points included…

News for Arts and Design graduates was there was commonly a huge difference between their starting salary and that of others with the same qualification, with a HUGE $19,800 disparency between graduate roles in the industry. The lowest recorded starting salary was $38,000 with the highest being $58,300.

Maybe you should have considered dentistry, because by a sizeable margin these grads had the highest median starting salary in the public health sector, at a HUGE $75,000; while Pharmacy Graduates earned the lowest median starting salary $39,000. What’s more, when you look at the private sector our white jacket flossing Nazis are earning $90,000!

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Where does your degree rank?

1. Dentistry $80,000
2 Optometry $70,000
3 Engineering $64,000
4 Medicine $60,000
5 Earth Sciences $60,000
6 Education $57,000
7 Law $55,000
7  Physical Sciences $55,000
7 Mathematics $55,000
10 Paramedical Studies $54,000
11 Computer Science $53,000
12 Accounting $50,000
12 Psychology $50,000
12 Social Sciences $50,000
12 Agricultural Science $50,000
12 Social Work $50,000
17 Architecture & Building $49,000
18 Economics, Business $49,000
19 Biological Sciences $48,000
20 Veterinary Science $46,000
21 Humanities $45,000
22 Art & Design $40,000
23 Pharmacy $39,000

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Sources: Graduate Careers Australia, ABA Measures of Australia’s progress


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