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High school girl attending Saturday rugby game, doesn’t actually care about the game

The Footnotes have gained exclusive access to Roy Morgan behavioural data revealing that 94% of school-aged girls attending GPS rugby games do not care about the match result.

Regardless of school or grade of competition, the survey reveals that less than 2% of the surveyed group could recall any one key match moment from their average three hour visit. Leading to the conclusion that the group must either be suffering from attention span disorder or, that they attend the sports event for some other unknown purpose.  

The Footnotes spoke to Rebecca ‘Becky’ Stevenson (17) as she was spotting walking towards the ‘first grade field’ two hours before kick off. “It is Kings versus Riverview today,” she explains. “My best friend’s-cousin’s-brother is playing, and I thought I’d tag along to support him.” 

When asked if she had come straight from Saturday sport herself she looked shocked, “Oh, no it’s not even tennis season,” she exclaimed while tugging at her tennis skirt, “That’s a summer sport – but the uniform is so much cuter than my soccer one, so I went home and got changed before I came.”

A ‘first player’s’ mother, Prude (51) commented, “It’s an exciting day, they are such good boys – they deserve a win” mid-way through reserving two rows of benches with tartan rugs. “His sister is so supportive, too. They hardly talk during the week to be honest. But when it matters – she is always there. Jess is bringing along all of her friends to support the team. It’s even exam time. They are such good girls like that.”

While we await comment from the Heads of GPS, let’s get you off the sideline. Get a job.  Or maybe start studying for exams using our notes page.

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