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How I felt getting my ATAR in ten words

Year 12. Long hours, gnarly teachers, exam woes, thorny class ranking politics; there’s plenty to complain about.  That in mind, we asked the question, “how did you feel getting your ATAR,” to see whether the complaints would keep rolling. 

98.3: I kinda expected it. Without saying “I expected it,” I thought I’d get above 97. Do I sound like a lem?


63: I care more than I thought I would. I knew I wouldn’t go well, because I messed up pretty much every assessment. I’ll obviously lie and say I got 70.


89.8: Could they not just round it up? Pretty annoying.


93: Angry. My careers advisor told me I couldn’t get into a course that was 94 – and now I know that I got 93, I could have definitely got 94.


77: Yeah, cool! My course is 73. Laughing.


99.8: I am so relieved.


70.5: I spent most of Stuvac having sex with my girlfriend while my parents were at work.


92: Yeah, happy. I didn’t get above 90 for any of my subjects, so how bout that scaling!


88.5: I double took, I can’t believe it. I watched six seasons of Shameless in stuvac.


92: I am so shocked. I can’t believe it! I made up so much in English, modern and art.


58: I feel kinda dumb. I didn’t think I’d care. But I do now.


62: I am less stressed about this than the stupid tattoo at schoolies.


63: I am not an exam person, or a school person.

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82: The goal I told people was 78, but my actual goal was 81. So … really happy.


84.6: Really happy! I have never been that studious, and I worked my ass off.


87: I used Jump the cartoon as my related text for English. So, gotta be happy with that.


93: Woah. I can’t believe it. I guess my grade pulled me up. Thanks guys.


96: I wish it was socially acceptable to ask your friends how they went, more because I want them to ask me.


95: I really don’t care too  much. I want to do art next year, so marks don’t really impact my course. My Dad will be so happy though.


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