FEATURED JOB: It’s literally called ‘The Best Job in the World’

Yes please.

Stop what you’re doing and apply for this job now. It’s literally being sold as the ‘Best job in the world’ – and we’re pretty convinced.

Best job in the world – Experience Explorer | SafetyCulture

Sydney NSW (and everywhere else!)

The Role: 

To travel the world researching and scouting the ideal destinations to take our employees to better understand why we work at SafetyCulture. This involves site visits and ensuring that every single touch point of the trips foster a deep connection whether that be emotionally or practically, bringing perspective and a deeper understanding of the impact we can have around the world.

We’ve taken 10 people to Nepal, Bangladesh and Chile with huge success and we want you to come own these projects and figure out where to next. You will also be an events guru who can pull of an unforgettable meet-up or industry event by being deeply engaged with our customers, industry and mission.

Who you are: 

You’re a people person who can mix Art and Science . You have street smarts but know when you need to stick by the book. You’ve been questioning why you work in the travel or events space and you are looking to have an impact on making the world a better place. The technology space excites you and you’ve always been curious about what it would be like to work at Facebook or Google. You love being organised and embrace technology to plan, run and recap on any event you do.

You have a healthy respect for culture and seek to understand the differences, you probably speak another language. Naming your your top 10 destinations and why isn’t even a challenge for you.

The goal:

  • Research and plan the employee experience trips to International destinations that cover off the requirements from the key stakeholders
  • Work closely with CEO to drive the “Why” behind branding these trips and ensure we provide a safe but authentic experience.
  • Plan, create and hustle according to budget
  • Work with our videographer to collect and create content in relation to the trip that will be shared internally or externally
  • You understand that no day will be the same and thrive in an environment that is dynamic and constantly changing
  • Delivering experience trips that relate back to our mission and values and finding creative ways to bring these to life is key
  • Work in the People and Culture team cross functionally on people related projects
  • Push the boundaries on how we think about these trips moving forward and build relationships around the world for future reference
  • Replicate Quarterly Trips to understand “Why” we do this.
  • You run our “Pro Series” industry events across Australia each quarter. You’re measuring the success and building out the strategy to do this in the US and UK.

Show your creative edge with your application!

Find out more and apply now! 

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FEATURED JOB: It’s literally called ‘The Best Job in the World’
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