The Graduate Tour: What is it?

It’s your job (in the search for the right job) to find that ONE article, interview, podcast, video that speaks to you. And until you do, we will keep uncovering the quirkiest, coolest, most interesting jobs we can.

Why I am the queen of making life difficult

On why I have an advanced degree in making things hard

What I wish I knew when I started my first job

I’ve cried over critical feedback. I’ve quit. I’ve been hired. I’ve been criticized.

Some thoughts on people that ‘clean eat’

The difference between the Real Clean Eaters & the Guilty Garbage Eaters

Confessions of a Vogue intern

You expect internships to be tough, demanding and difficult- then there are Vogue internships.

Inside Elle Magazine, as told by their Editor in Chief

“No one is in magazines for the money – you are in it because you love it.”

Attention high school athletes, here is how to you can get a scholarship in the US

Being invited to run in the US takes more than wishful thinking and raw talent.

What is LinkedIn and do you need it?

How to create a profile with some *bang* about it.

Samantha Wills confessions from her early days as a designer

There is the famous saying, ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’. This post is a mixture of that & the other famous saying ‘Fake it till you make it’.

5 things you better not do at your Christmas party

If there is a dance circle you need to demand the centre at all times.

24 things you’ll understand if you have a hospitality job

And they said school shoes were just for school…

4 things that a degree will give you

Ever wondered why there is so much fuss over a piece of paper?