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Do you have career envy? Here’s why you need to ditch it

Feeling dissatisfied with your job?  You might just have a bad case of career envy.

But don’t worry, as it turns out, there’s valid a reason why.

Our generation puts such a heavy emphasis on finding our one perfect job and so we have been kind of conditioned to be continually dissatisfied with our jobs up until we find said ‘dream job’.

We live in constant, blind belief that something better or bigger will come up.

Our entire life we have been told to follow your dreams, and you’ll never need to work a day in your life. But you know what, if my passion was my job I would be unemployed- and I bet you would be too. What you need to realise is that you don’t need to turn your passion into a job, it is ok, and completely fulfilling to have a job, of which elements of, you will become passionate about.

The causes:

Social media certainly doesn’t help with career envy. If it wasn’t enough to be jealous of your stupid successful friends and friends of friends all the time, you pretty much can’t open up a magazine or an internet browser without being slapped in the face with some star from Forbes “30 Under 30.” We are constantly being confronted with images of very young people who seem to have followed their passions and landed large cheques.

How to fix it:

The road to career happiness is most probably not about making big sporadic changes, but asking yourself what is it about your job that you’re into, that gives you that spark. Focus on those things and see how you can increase your participation in those tasks.

Also figure out what you’re not super into, what makes you feel stagnant or unmotivated. The most important key to fighting career envy? Relax. Remember that you are seeing the highlight reel of other’s lives. You are seeing the best chapter of their whole story.  

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