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Diploma of Enrolled Nursing at TAFE NSW

Diploma of Enrolled Nursing at TAFE NSW

NURSING – a thousand careers but two main pathways. 

We spoke to a student on one of those pathways – a Diploma of Enrolled Nursing.

Our Footnotes:

We visited TAFE NSW Nepean to see the nursing facilities and speak to Alicia (video above) about her experience studying her Diploma of Nursing at TAFE NSW. We were blown away by the facilities and couldn’t recommend the TAFE NSW campus more. The mannequins (below) are able to be programmed to talk, vomit, shake – and go into cardiac arrest! It’s like learning off an actual patient except a bit less scary which makes sense because, well, you’re learning and don’t quite know what to do. At first. But you will get there with hands-on experience.

To become an enrolled nurse

To become an enrolled nurse in Australia, the industry-standard course is a Diploma of Nursing. At TAFE NSW, this is usually an 18-month course. To get into the course you’ll need to have completed either Year 12 (and have received your higher school certificate or a certificate III). During your studies you will complete clinical work-placements called ‘pracs’.

The final step is to apply to be registered as an ‘Enrolled Nurse’ by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

You will have the opportunity to work with other skilled professionals such as registered nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, doctors, social workers and pharmacists. You’ll be a crucial cog in the healthcare system.


Complete a three-year, full-time Bachelor of Nursing.  Entry to undergraduate nursing Degree programs can be competitive and entry is subject to your achieving sufficiently high academic results in Year 12. Degree programs also often require interviews and subject pre-requisites before entry. If you have completed your Diploma of Nursing at TAFE NSW, it’s usually a simple process to gain entry to a nursing degree and cut your study time by almost half. You’ll also be able to work as an enrolled nurse while you study your degree.

The final step is to apply to be registered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

See Also

What’s an EEN?

Medication Endorsed Enrolled Nurses (EENs) are enrolled nurses that have undertaken additional training that then allows them to administer medications.

What are the specialisation avenues that nurses can go into?

Most hospitals offer graduate programs which give nurses the opportunity to experience nursing work across a range of different specialties. Graduate programs are available for both registered and enrolled nurses. Or, you may choose to start working for a private practice.

Here are some different specialty examples:

TAFE NSW RTO 91430 | HEP PRV12049
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