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Dear Sam: How do I answer, “why did you leave your last job?”

Intelligent sentiments and fun conversations don’t need to be mutually exclusive. So here are your career questions answered using a dating analogy.


Dear Sam, I had a job interview and they asked me why I left my last job.

I tried to be diplomatic and say that “I didn’t see eye to eye with some of the decisions being made and my manager and I didn’t have the same point of view,” was that a trap?

From Jess. 


Dear Jess, I’ve got to tell you, asking about your old manager is a bad, bad question on so many levels.

It's a

It’s like being asked about what kind of guys you normally want to date. It’s a trap. You don’t want them thinking about your failed ex relationships or the last guy you went on a date with.

On dates you want to just focus on your time together. Two people on one date is enough.

But if it comes up; be smart and kind. One of the most basic pieces of advice human resource managers give is to always speak positively about old positions and old bosses.

And it's surprising that so many people .

Even jobs that ended badly will have some positives, and the important things are to talk about what you’ve learned from the experience.

You can definitely talk about a job not being stimulating enough, or not allowing enough growth, but that should be coupled with how the job at hand can offer something better.

It's also imperative not to speak badly of a previous boss or colleague,

There’s a lot of information you can get from a boy/girl’s answer about their ex. While they very well may be have been terrible, you don’t want to suggest that you have trouble getting along with people or managing relationships; complaining is also not a positive thing to do in an interview (or a first date) and shows lack of judgment.

Love Sam.

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