What is photo journalism?

“For those contemplating the life of a photojournalist, beware the personal challenges and questions that await you. I have spent a lifetime trying to become invisible. As a documentarian my goal is to disappear, to observe without disturbing the world I’m trying to capture. It is obviously impossible to actually achieve this, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying – Ed Kashi, a documentary photographer and member of the VII Photo agency (TIME, 2016)

It will be a life unlike any others, and one that only a photo journalist themselves can shine light on. As such, we have pulled together our top ranking tales from top ranking photojournalists. Warning, some of the following scenes are graphic.

Lynsey Addario

Michael Kamber and Louie Palu

Christopher Anderson

“As a photojournalist, you can have the privilege of expansive knowledge of the world, cultures, the processes of technology and business, and the small yet magical moments of daily life. You can experience exquisite beauty, both of the natural world and within human nature. You will also witness pain and suffering, hatred and violence. It is an intoxicating mix and I urge you to jump in.” – Ed Kashi

Could this powerful and life changing career be for you?

Sound like this is for you? Find the course you need. 

What is photo journalism?
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