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Q&A with Dannii Minogue

Dannii has a decades-long career. She is a rarity and creative royalty, being someone that can succeed in nearly every creative avenue possible from music, television and now, fashion. Her career which kicked off with Young Talent Time and Home and Away in the 1980s, has made Dannii a household name. We were lucky enough to chat to Dannii about her experience in the fashion world, how she found her niche, and what we should be keeping our eyes out for.

Dannii has had an eye for fashion from an early age and has been designing her own clothes since she was a kid,“My grandmother was amazing at sewing and making patterns, so I learnt a lot from her watching her make our clothes at home.”

She went on to complete her school work experience at a fashion wholesaler, and learnt how stores place orders for collections, “the joys of unpacking stock that had arrived and then doing the laborious inventory”. While her work experience was not specifically in design, Dannii went on to launch her own label,“I had my first fashion label at 16, It turned out to be really successful and I learnt so much about design, manufacturing, stock sell-through and marketing”.

To date, one of Dannii’s most well recognised successes in the industry came in 2010 when she teamed up with Tabitha Somerset Webb “her bestie” to launch the label ‘Project D’. “Our label was feminine and understated, so was loved by Princesses and ladies around the globe”, and she is referring to the literal term ‘Princess’, having previously dressed Kate Middleton, her sister Pippa and Princess Mary. The range was headed in London, where the pair saw their label fill the racks of Harrods. The success of the project came from their market differentiation, ”we designed for ourselves and are very different body shapes”.

In 2013 Minogue stepped away from Project D and revealed to the world that she was to begin a new chapter of her life shooting the X Factor.  After shuttling from London to Melbourne, Dannii now too has a series of Australia’s Got Talent behind her, and we wonder how she has had the time to plan, collaborate and launch a brand new fashion label in Australia.

Dannii has chosen to collaborate with Target, arguably moving a completely different direction from Project D. When we asked her about her choice to work with name, Dannii explains, “They are an iconic Aussie brand that has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember!”. Her Mum used to buy her clothes there, “I have bought clothes there, and now I buy my son clothes there. They are truly passionate about helping me with my dream of providing a quality Petites range in Australia.” Dannii’s range, Petites Posse is for the smaller figure, calling all those women who are sick of looking through children’s racks for clothes that fit properly.

Speaking about the processes of a launching a label Dannii mentions, “There are many hurdles with producing this, but [Target] have never backed down. They have a very talented team that I work with and a manufacturing strength I could have only dreamed of when I had my own label, Project D, in London!”

It seems that Dannii has moved from one success to the next and to those looking in on her life, any element of ’self doubt’ seems non existent and unjustified. However, after living her life in the limelight Dannii speaks about having an ‘alter ego’, which for her, has been a great way to combat negativity and worry.“ Young or old, it is great to have a ‘super’ version of yourself who is able to do all the stuff you want to do, when doubt kicks in.”

Looking for some insider tips we asked her about her favourite piece in the range, “The addition of sequins in this third drop is so exciting. I love anything sparkly.” I am instantly reminded of a few years back when Minogue appeared at the launch of a Project D line in a one-shouldered, sequinned Project D number with her six-month baby bump which caused a media storm and ended up being one of their best selling items.

I smile thinking that while Dannii has moved from London to Melbourne, from X Factor to Australia’s Got Talent, and now from Project D to Petit Possee, her true style hasn’t changed at all. Dannii continues,“There are two sequin mini skirts in different colour ways and they can be dressed down with a tee and sneakers, or worn with heels and earrings to dance the night away this summer party season”.

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While all her cards have fallen into a perfect hand, we ask if there has been anything that she wishes she had of known in relation to your career, or anything that she would have done differently, “I have learnt that it is okay to make mistakes and it is important to have idols and mentors who can guide you.”




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