Costume Design, Theatre and Events

FN: What did you study?

AJ: I studied an Advanced Diploma of Design for Live Production, Theatre and Events at TAFE NSW.

FN: Why did you pick the TAFE NSW course?

AJ: It kind of covered everything I liked. I did art and drama in high school and knew that I wanted to pursue a career with those elements in it. The course includes modules in costume design, special effects makeup, film and drawing. It had everything I wanted.

FN: Did you enjoy the course? 

AJ: Absolutely! I loved the practical approach of the course and I loved the people that I worked with, including the teachers!

FN: Would you recommend studying to get into your industry?

Because of the intricacies of costume design I would definitely recommend study. Then after that it’s all about network and building up a portfolio.

FN: How did you land your first work experience gig?

AJ: A girl I met through TAFE NSW recommended me for an assistant role at a theatre production company. From there I was able to network and jump from role to role.



TAFE NSW RTO 91430 | HEP PRV12049

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