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B. Commerce USYD: Student review

I studied a B.Com at Sydney Uni (3 years full time) and am so glad that I chose that course!

When I finished school I was unsure of the direction I wanted to go, I knew I wanted to be in a business based role but thought perhaps I would be suited to a creative industry. I loosely assumed that marketing, advertising or media based work would suit me, but I wasn’t sure which degree would equip me for these industries. I thought that a ‘Media and Communications’ degree would be perfect, but looking back now, I think unless you have pinpointed yourself in a specific media role- this degree will not leave you with flexibility.

I realised in my first year that  I could major in Marketing and Commercial Law. Doing a double major in this Bachelor means that you will need to select  your subjects wisely, otherwise you will run out time to complete two majors- and graduate with one. There is no issue in doing this, and if you choose to only graduate with one major it gives you time to experiment with Arts based subjects like language, sociology or even science. For me though, I was more interested in Commerce based work, so I avoided other faculty electives.

In your first year there are 8 subjects that are compulsory, I would recommend knocking these all over. Then you will have a greater idea about the majors you would like to pursue. Once these are selected, look up the ‘credit point’ requirements for each major and follow these subjects in order. It is the easiest way to make sure you aren’t doing an irrelevant subject.

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