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From Civil Engineering to Entrepreneurship: Starting a Business at Uni

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Name: Scott McKeon

Studied: Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) at The University of Technology, Sydney

Career post graduation: UTS Startups Entrepreneur / Co-Founder of Espresso Displays


What is UTS Startups?

UTS Startups a place where students and alumni

So you studied a Bachelor of Engineering. Can you talk to me about that and how that facilitated you starting your own business?

“So two other engineering students and I were working off our laptop and we just found it was very frustrating not to have the additional screens that we usually have for our work. So we decided to try and build one ourselves.”

An engineering course is usually a four year degree.

At UTS, it's five, because in your second and fourth year,

“My first internship I was on a site called North Strathfield Rail Underpass, which was a tunnel under live rail. And for my second internship I worked on NorthConnex, which is a tunnel that connects the M1 and M2.”

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Do you have to choose what type of engineering you want to study from the start?

“You can either do a general engineering degree where it allows you to explore multiple majors all at the same time. Or you can also, even if you do choose a path, you can work in that industry in your second year, which gives you a lot of time to change course and choose different sub-majors in order to make the degree that you want.”

How did you know you wanted to do civil engineering?

“So I knew I liked to solve problems, and I really liked maths and science in high school, so I knew I liked engineering. I chose civil because I really like the built environment about how the world exists around us.

And the reason I chose UTS is because I knew after one year of studying, I could go and work full-time in industry and really figure out if I liked the work and the job itself. And in hindsight, it was one of the best things I could’ve done.”

Watch the full video to hear more about Scott’s work in UTS Startups and Engineering.

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