Cash Chronicles

Cash Chronicles: 24, $56,700, I just got dumped

A drunk money would probably drunk text more responsibly than me…

Cash Chronicles (Part 2): 25, $85,000, Remember “seeing ex on occasion (naked)?”… she’s back!

After reading the comments, I wanted to do a part 2.

Cash Chronicles: 25, $85,000, seeing ex on occasion (naked)

This makes me feel sick

Cash Chronicles: 26, $85,000 & getting on top of debt

“McDonalds on the way home”

Cash Chronicles: 21, $650 a week, new to being single & new to a share house

Get home at 11am after getting dropped home by the guy I am seeing. Do I text him, add him on instagram? What’s the next step?

Cash Chronicles: 21, $660 a week, 2 jobs (1 that’s paid)

Normally, a mug shot would be a turn-off, as I try to make flirting with felons a rarity, but this guy gives me Saturday nights off when I need them and he has a car.

Cash Chronicles: 25, $56000, entering the world of dating apps

When we meet for the first time, I shouldn’t be curious as to whether he’s worn the same clothes everyday for the past three years

Cash Chronicles: 23, $900-1200 a week, trying to make friends in a new city

And listen to me now people: friend dating is hard.

Cash Chronicles: 25, $52,000, How much do you spend in transit to Tulum?

The aim is to encourage people to start talking about their money in real life. What you…

Cash Chronicles: 26, $70,000, toxic relationships or too needy?

…. Super weird and left of field, but I always judge people’s relationships in Cash Chronicles (even though they are about money). Can you please publish this (change my name) so I can hear people’s opinion on my relationship?…

Cash Chronicles: 26, $65,000, late night eating habits

While I grabbing $23.50 worth of Thai takeaway for dinner on a Wednesday night at 8pm, as normal people with normal eating habits do, I decided to start Cash Chronicles…

Cash Chronicles: 25 years old, No longer dating artists

The aim is to encourage people to start talking about their money in real life. What you…

Cash Chronicles: 22 years old, Maddie, receptionist, chasing the med school dream

I like him, but his head looks like a dinosaur egg.

Cash Chronicles: Rhys, part-time boyfriend, full-time online shopper

I have been trying to nail my text banter game. I am doing well, but it’s exhausting.

Cash Chronicles: 25 years old, Anna, All my friends have boyfriends

Nothing makes me feel more single than when I run into someone I haven’t seen in a while and they ask about a guy I dated over a months ago and I have no clue who the hell they’re talking about.

Cash Chronicles: 25 years old, Project Manager, 4 meals a day

The morning after a hook up is always a weird thing…

Cash Chronicles: 24 years old, Broadcast media, Social media war

I don’t know why guys tend to think that FB profile pictures are a free for all…

Cash Chronicles: 25 years old, Recently Single & Over Spending

Looking at the first 13 – 15 photos of myself as I serve as a human shield to my crush while he tries to socialise with anyone but me is horrifying.