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Cash Chronicles: 26, $72,000, new me, thanks to you

The aim is to encourage people to start talking about their money in real life. What you buy, when, and how you FEEL seeing it all recorded at the end of the week.

This series allows us to think about money without all the stresses of confronting our own finances.

No one is perfect with money. But talking about money makes us smarter.

Name: Mila

Age: 26

Job: Property Manager

Salary: $72,000 including GST (I got a promotion in this very Cash Chronicles.

For photos of Mila’s week head to our Community Page or our Instagram. 

For photos of Mila’s week head to our Community Page or our Instagram. 


I wake up and he already has text me. “I had so much fun last night, can I see you again tonight?”

Guys – am I being an idiot? In March I shared my Cash Chronicles with you. At the time, I was single for the first time in my adult life, was excited by the dating scene, was thrilled to have an abundance of what I perceived to be totally disposable income; and you all told me I was being a fool and that I was going to be screwed over. Which I did. So I’ve reined it in; I don’t spend as much as I used it, I am being happy being me thanks to one comment from a Footnotes reader, “This girl is so tragic it kills me.”

I reply in 5 seconds flat and we are meeting up at 5.30pm.

Bus to work:

Coffee at work (I buy 2 a week now): $3.20

Buy pho for lunch: $17.50

I get a fricken promotion after lunch; can you believe it!?

Afternoon tea I buy some Hey Tiger Chocolate: $5.50

Walk to the city to meet Milo. We get thai for dinner and drink cocktails and go back to mine at like 9.30 and have cringe drunk chat.

I pay uber: $26.70



The Saturday morning breakfast is the world’s most belated audition. You’ve won the role. Opening night has come and gone. But the morning after breakfast can make or break reviews. We get breaky together in Bondi, I pay: $52.40. There is more but I’ve already gone over my days for the week!

For photos of Mila’s week head to our Community Page or our Instagram. 

If you want to submit your cash chronicles, record your spending and email it to:

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