Cash Chronicles: 18 year old, Schoolies Week, Gold Coast

Welcome to The Footnotes Cash Chronicles.

The aim is to encourage people to start talking about their money in real life. What you buy, when, and how you FEEL seeing it all recorded at the end of the week.

This series allows us to think about money without all the stresses of confronting our own finances.

No one is perfect with money.

But talking about money makes us smarter.


Beth **** 


I work at my local cafe as a waitress. 

Rent / living situation: 

I don’t pay rent, I just finished high school. 

Here’s my spending:

* Friday beneath is actually Saturday. But we don’t blame you, Beth – you were probably feeling a little under the weather. 

We are LOVING your cash chronicles… So keep them coming!

If you want to submit your cash chronicles, record your spending in the same format as above (iPhone notes) copy and paste it to an email and send to: 


Cash Chronicles: 18 year old, Schoolies Week, Gold Coast
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