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Cash Chronicles: 23 year old, Graphic Designer, Sydney

Welcome to The Footnotes Cash Chronicles.

The aim is to encourage people to start talking about their money in real life. What you buy, when, and how you FEEL seeing it all recorded at the end of the week.

This series allows us to think about money without all the stresses of confronting our own finances.

No one is perfect with money.

But talking about money makes us smarter. We are here to take away the fear and guilt of your weekly spending – even if it’s just to learn that someone else is also susceptible to impulse purchases at Kmart.

Name: Tully Prangley

Job: Assistant Graphic Designer at a creative agency in Sydney.

Salary: $58,000 (including Super)

Rent / living situation: I live in Redfern in the Inner City. I pay $220 a week in rent + bills. Bills probably add up to about $400 a year-ish.

 Here’s my spending:

  • I buy coffee every day and I am ashamed of and resigned to this fact.
  • I had a client meeting in Broadway and popped into Kmart. The new kitchenware was too good to be true. Worth it.
  • Also did my groceries for the week. Feeling on top of it all.

  • I bought my lunch to work, didn’t snack, did pilates = my whole life is together.

  • I have a budgetary-breaky-blow-out. I always feel guilty buying avocado toast. $11.70 spent before 9am… not good.
  • A girl I work with wants to get a wine. She emails me wine GIFs at 3pm, and by 6pm… I am keen to join.
  • It means I end up going back to the office after to finish the work I left earlier and then need to get a cab home because it’s late.
  • NOTE: I don’t have UBER because I recently lost my key card and had to get a new one. I continued to use UBER during that period, and now owe UBER $35. I have been putting off using it.

  • $12 steak night is definitely cheaper than cooking at home IF you don’t buy a glass of wine with it.
  • I don’t cook red meat at home though, so not feeling TOO guilty.

  • No comment.
  • Actually… I spend TOO much money on food and drinks.

  • Case in point… I spend enough money on food to open a cafe.

  • If money and I were in a relationship on Facebook our status would be “It’s Complicated.”

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