On The Phone With A Human Resources Advisor

It’s much more than managing complaints and mediation.

On The Phone With: A Primary School Teacher

They’re not adults, but they kind of are little adults – you can see who they are becoming.

Inside social work

Once you are out there and you’re working – you can’t role play people.

Inside Information Technology

I had no idea how to program, I’d never done it before.

Inside an accounting cadetship

You cannot go wrong. You will use it at some point in your life.

What is bioinformatics and biomedical engineering?

When you take a biological sample and you take out that DNA…there’s so much information in there.

Inside civil engineering with Charles Sturt Uni

You don’t have to work as an engineer, you can work as a project manager or a project estimator…

On The Phone With: A Meat Trader

I had no idea this job existed when I was at school.

On The Phone With: An Economics Student from USYD

And the move from from Law/Ecos to straight Ecos.

On The Phone With: A Young Politician

And no, it’s not exactly House of Cards.

On The Phone With: A Fourth Year Physio Student from ACU

Note: sports physio is not where the money is.

On The Phone With: A Lawyer on the Pros and Cons of a Law Degree

Should you do law undergrad? Should you combine it? Can you handle the pressure?

On The Phone With: A Lawyer in a Family Law Firm

It’s a court where they say there are no winners.

How do you become a commercial pilot?

You can become a fully qualified commercial pilot in 12 months.

How to get into the UN: The different entry level opportunities

There are so many programs listed on their website, how do I know which one to pick?

How to be a police officer: state by state

The process is different in every state