Are you ready for the true cost of a psychology degree?

You probably want to start psychology because you want to help people, but to get there, you will have to tread on someone’s toes.

The difference between a sociopath, a psychopath, and a narcissist: Explained by a psychologist

Every psychopath is narcissistic, but not every narcissist is psychopathic. Make sense?

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3 designers and a fashion PR executive share their advice

Q&A with an Air Force Aircraft Technician

What is your role in the Australian Defence Force? I am an Aircraft Technician in…

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What is your role in the Australian Defence Force? I am a Marine Technician Submariner…

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A round table discussion with two beauty experts and two students studying beauty.

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15 hours in a Coal Mine

One guy cracked his ribs when he got thrown up against the wall because of semi-air explosion.

Considering a career in dentistry?

I felt that dentistry had a quicker pathway to independent practice and I didn’t love the idea of spending over ten years at university.

Q&A with an Occupational Therapist

Some patients don’t progress like you thought they would and they get angry with themselves. Imagine not being able to do something that used to be simple, like picking up a fork.

15 hours with a Park Ranger

We spoke to Rachel, who is a seasonal summer ranger with Parks Victoria. Seasonal rangers…

Roundtable Discussion: How can I work with animals without being a vet?

A round table discussion with six non-vet experts who work with animals every day.

On The Phone With: A Publicist

You can work in an agency and test where your interests and strengths are.

On The Phone With A Neurosurgeon

Compassion isn’t about sitting next to someone and crying, it’s about understanding their problem.

On The Phone With: A Musician

Is getting a spot on The Voice the way to get discovered?

On The Phone With: The Sydney Roosters Sales and Partnership Executive

Can you move from playing the game to being in the business side of it?

On The Phone With: A Magazine Art Director

It’s about working out how the pages look – pulling on graphic design photography and layout.