Inside a combined Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Medical Science at UTS
Inside law and medical science.. We spoke to:   Name: Louisa Dimarco Studied: Bachelor of Medical…
How much do nurses actually get paid?

My advice for making more money as a younger nurse is to offer yourself up for the shifts that nobody wants.

What is studying medicine really like? Q&A with a UNSW Med student

How to get into medicine as an undergrad.

Roundtable Discussion: Should you study Medical Science? As told by 3 current students

“I think it’s fair to say that 90% of the students enrolled missed out on undergraduate medicine. “

Considering a career in dentistry?

I felt that dentistry had a quicker pathway to independent practice and I didn’t love the idea of spending over ten years at university.

On The Phone With A Neurosurgeon

Compassion isn’t about sitting next to someone and crying, it’s about understanding their problem.

How do I become a sonographer?

What’s the difference between a sonographer and a radiologist?

Speech Pathology USYD: Student review

Our dropout rate was pretty big in the second year because that’s when all your placement starts.

Mapping UMAT: The 2 reasons people fail

The UMAT’s only difficult for two reasons…

Doing a Bachelor of Paramedicine at Charles Sturt Uni

Clinically, I learned to always back myself and remain calm under pressure in any situation.

Clinical Psychologist in Mental Health: Career Ladder from 17 – 30

Step by step: How to get from high school into Clinical Psychology

Clinical Dietitian: Career Ladder from 17 – 25

Step by step: How to get from high school to working in Dietetics for NSW Health

GAMSAT Advice: How to get into Medicine

Exam examples, study advice & what they’d do differently

We asked: Why did you quit medicine?

When I left, I got a huge range of responses.

How to become a dentist

What is the quickest path straight out of high school?

What is Medicinal Chemistry?

Simply put, it is designing drugs.

How to become a doctor (Step by step)

You do not need an ATAR of 100 to study medicine.

Advice on getting into Undergraduate Medicine (Q&A with a Newcastle University student)

Advice on picking your subjects, UMAT and the interview process