Q&A: Creative roles in the business world

Absolutely, I think that being in product development and or in business strategy is probably more creative than being an architect…

Snagging Six Figures: From earning $42,800 in Public Relations to …

Salary jump: From $42,800 at 23 to $92,000 at 28

On The Phone With: A Publicist

You can work in an agency and test where your interests and strengths are.

The real world of Advertising & Media

No one ever understands what ‘media’ is. So, we’ve explained it.

Fast Five with a Social Media Manager

The greatest reward is immediate gratification. You post a picture, you tweet, you share on Instagram and a sense of validation instantly occurs.

What does a marketing and events manager do?

Oh all the glitz and the glamour! (Haha jokes)

You’ve heard of Roxy Jacenko… but what is public relations?

A PR and Social Media agency addresses some misconceptions of the industry.

So you want to be a wedding planner?

You’re creating that day. Their day. It could be magic, or it could be World War Three. There’s countless…

What is event management?

It’s the thrill of a concept becoming a reality.

Day in the life: Brand Manager

All buzzwords, feelings and colour wheels? No way jose.

Day in the life: Tourism Marketer

Do you remember the ad that saw Lara Bingle soar to stardom in 2006?

What’s a celebrity publicist and how do I become one?

What does the world’s best celebrity publicist Kris Jenner have to say about ‘making it’ in the industry?

A career writing TV ads

If you don’t know these jingles, do you even exist?

Advertising. What is it?

Try new things, read everything and watch everything, watch people, and watch their processes.