Snagging Six Figures: From Marketing Assistant turned COVID Freelancer and $60,000

I think in my three years I completed 2 practical subjects that I would consider relevant to working in marketing or journalism.

Q&A: Creative roles in the business world

Absolutely, I think that being in product development and or in business strategy is probably more creative than being an architect…

Snagging Six Figures: From earning $42,800 in Public Relations to …

Salary jump: From $42,800 at 23 to $92,000 at 28

On The Phone With: A Publicist

You can work in an agency and test where your interests and strengths are.

The real world of Advertising & Media

No one ever understands what ‘media’ is. So, we’ve explained it.

Fast Five with a Social Media Manager

The greatest reward is immediate gratification. You post a picture, you tweet, you share on Instagram and a sense of validation instantly occurs.

What does a marketing and events manager do?

Oh all the glitz and the glamour! (Haha jokes)

You’ve heard of Roxy Jacenko… but what is public relations?

A PR and Social Media agency addresses some misconceptions of the industry.

So you want to be a wedding planner?

You’re creating that day. Their day. It could be magic, or it could be World War Three. There’s countless…

What is event management?

It’s the thrill of a concept becoming a reality.

Day in the life: Brand Manager

All buzzwords, feelings and colour wheels? No way jose.

Day in the life: Tourism Marketer

Do you remember the ad that saw Lara Bingle soar to stardom in 2006?

What’s a celebrity publicist and how do I become one?

What does the world’s best celebrity publicist Kris Jenner have to say about ‘making it’ in the industry?

A career writing TV ads

If you don’t know these jingles, do you even exist?