Inside clerkships and law at UTS
Clerkships are painted as the ultimate stepping stone into a career as a lawyer. Many…
Inside a combined Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Medical Science at UTS
Inside law and medical science.. We spoke to:   Name: Louisa Dimarco Studied: Bachelor of Medical…
What does an LGBTI lawyer do?

What’s an example of a case you’ve worked on?

Intern Diaries: Clerkship, Getting one and not get others

Before I tell you about my clerkship, I should tell you about the rejections I got, too.

Roundtable Discussion: What do I need to know about a Clerkship?

I applied for about ten all up. You get to the end and you’re so worn out, I couldn’t do anymore.

Same Degree, Different Industry – Law

Think that just because you’ve studied a law degree, you’ll be stuck in one industry?…

A job that can actually make a difference: Public Policy

Interested in influencing decisions around women’s human rights?

Roundtable Discussion: What’s it really like being a paralegal?

“This part of the job kind of can feel a bit like providing a hospitality service.”

Snagging Six Figures: From earning $54,500 in Human Rights Law into…

Salary jump: From $54,500 at 23 to $88,000 at 29

Law: A USYD student experience

I paid around $900 for my books this semester.

On The Phone With: A Lawyer on the Pros and Cons of a Law Degree

Should you do law undergrad? Should you combine it? Can you handle the pressure?

On The Phone With: A Lawyer in a Family Law Firm

It’s a court where they say there are no winners.

Working for the UN: Career Ladder from 17 – 26

Step by step: How to get from high school to working for the UN

We asked: Why did you quit law?

I’m currently ‘finding myself’ at 27 in Bali.

Telstra Legal Counsel: Career Ladder from 17 – 30

Step by step: How to get from high school to legal counsel for Telstra

Three lawyers discuss the Q: “Law, is it worth it?”

A round table discussion with a law student and two practicing lawyers.

Amal Clooney’s Work, explained by other Human Rights Lawyers

  What exactly does Amal Clooney do? Amal Clooney, born Amal Alamuddin, is one of…

Why do criminal defence lawyers help guilty people?

“Despite what people may think, I refuse to feel bad about the job I do.”