How much do nurses actually get paid?

My advice for making more money as a younger nurse is to offer yourself up for the shifts that nobody wants.

Confronting stories from an ICU nurse

If you’re a nurse then cleaning s…, removing drains from peoples brains or thinking on your feet in a critical situation all become ‘normal.’

Roundtable Discussion: Should you study Medical Science? As told by 3 current students

“I think it’s fair to say that 90% of the students enrolled missed out on undergraduate medicine. “

Considering a career in dentistry?

I felt that dentistry had a quicker pathway to independent practice and I didn’t love the idea of spending over ten years at university.

Q&A with an Occupational Therapist

Some patients don’t progress like you thought they would and they get angry with themselves. Imagine not being able to do something that used to be simple, like picking up a fork.

On The Phone With: A Fourth Year Physio Student from ACU

Note: sports physio is not where the money is.

A day in the life of a Doula

A doula is: a person who gives support, help, and advice to a woman during pregnancy and during and after the birth.

How do I become a sonographer?

What’s the difference between a sonographer and a radiologist?

3 days with a speech pathologist

CASE 1, a 4 year old boy with a stutter who could only pronounce “h” and “t” sounds

Speech Pathology USYD: Student review

Our dropout rate was pretty big in the second year because that’s when all your placement starts.

You can study Allied Health while you are still at school

Allied health is term used to describe anyone in health that isn’t a doctor, dentist or nurse.

Certificate III in Health Services Assistance: study it in Year 11 & 12

You do the course over two years, while you are in year 11 and 12.

Doing a Bachelor of Paramedicine at Charles Sturt Uni

Clinically, I learned to always back myself and remain calm under pressure in any situation.

What’s a Bachelor of Nursing at CSU like?

After a family member experienced a trauma, I realised the impact that a nurse has on someone’s life.

Fighting Childhood Obesity: A Dieticians Story

But I never think, “How on earth did you let yourself get like this?” because the reality is more complex.

15 hours as a Paramedic: Inside the job

“You could literally hear his skull cracking.”

Clinical Psychologist in Mental Health: Career Ladder from 17 – 30

Step by step: How to get from high school into Clinical Psychology

Clinical Dietitian: Career Ladder from 17 – 25

Step by step: How to get from high school to working in Dietetics for NSW Health