Annotated By: An interior designer and Kylie Jenner’s house

Inside Kylie Jenner’s house

The Graduate Tour: Interior Design at TAFE NSW

So, what did you study? Emma: I studied a Bachelor of Interior Design at TAFE…

The List: On living in LA as an Actress

We ask the questions, you make the to-do list. “

On The Phone With: A Musician

Is getting a spot on The Voice the way to get discovered?

On The Phone With: A Magazine Art Director

It’s about working out how the pages look – pulling on graphic design photography and layout.

Is drama school right for you?

Where can you study and where.

Drama school: The audition process

Everyone there thinks they’re special. Which, of course, renders all of you ordinary.

9 hours of drama school

In this class I either feel divinely inspired or like I’m toddler building a sand castle that, really, is just a lump of sand.

Do you want to be a singer or producer?

Comparing TAFE versus a private college?

Studying Theatre Media at Charles Sturt Uni

You do a lot of performance based subjects – like devised performance and contemporary performance; circus and physical theatre.

Considered a career in real estate photography?

Why do rooms look bigger online than in real life?

Do I do study creative (design) or something safe (psychology)?

What Double Degree options are available?

Inside the job: Quick Q&A with Design Manager at Ford Australia

From Interior Design to Colour and Materials Design at Ford Australia

Costume Design, Theatre and Events

I design and make costumes for a living.

9 questions you’ve wanted to ask a wedding photographer

Do you ever doubt the compatibility of a couple after spending the day with them?

The Graduate Tour: Tattoo Artist

Inside the world where spur of the moment decisions last a lifetime.

Why are your parents worried about you entering fashion?

They think that when people say they work in fashion, only 10% actually work in fashion, while the other 90% work at Forever New.