Inside a Bachelor of Design in Landscape Architecture

The project was about how to create a sense of place for the new people moving in there, it was a very diverse public with different cultures.

How can I make the most money as an architect?

Working unpaid sucks, and there is always the risk of some degree of exploitation.

The Graduate Tour: Interior Design at TAFE NSW

So, what did you study? Emma: I studied a Bachelor of Interior Design at TAFE…

Fitting and Turning: “Why I picked it”

…You need to be able to tear things apart, remember how to assemble them, know how they work, find faults and repair them – that kind of thing.

Metal Fabrication vs. Welding

Metal fabrication and welding are two completely different

6 careers if you love Geography

A climatologist, hydrologist and cartographer walk into a bar…

What is property development?

Property developers make homes come to life.

“I coordinate the building of stadiums, schools & hospitals”

Commercial builders construct everything from hospitals, stadiums, schools, roads, office blocks to airports. Think large scale.

“I am a girl and I am a tradie”

Where women fit in construction trades.

What is an interior architecture degree?

Strictly speaking, interior architecture is a subject and not a profession. Until now?

Do you need to be good at maths to be an architect?

Your mathematical ability should never be the factor that keeps you of architecture.

Is architecture for you?

Beware that it will probably combine inspiration, perspiration, frustration, and elation in equal amounts.