15 hours with a Park Ranger

We spoke to Rachel, who is a seasonal summer ranger with Parks Victoria. Seasonal rangers…

Roundtable Discussion: How can I work with animals without being a vet?

A round table discussion with six non-vet experts who work with animals every day.

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Take a tour of the CSU campus

Passionate about African conservation? Q&A with Conservation scientist

“It is a real privilege to spend my life doing something I believe in”

Fighting marine contamination

70% of the rubbish on our beaches and in our waters is plastic

The truth about Marine Biology

The truth is, many don’t really know what it takes to get into and to stay in this field.

Q&A with Marine Biologist Brinkley Davis

You have to be willing to put in time of your own, and learn to reap rewards that aren’t always monetary.

FAQ about Marine Biology: Including what to study & when to start

Here are some frequently asked questions about a  career in Marine Biology as answered by…

A quick Q&A with an environmental lawyer

You don’t need to join the peace core to save the world

What I do as an environmental consultant

I wanted a profession that would let me have a positive impact on the world and society.

Studying vet: advice on getting in and getting through

Veterinary Medicine and Surgery: a student experience

Q&A with a camel farmer

What happens when you try to challenge and change an age-old industry?

Want to be a Jillaroo: Here is the worst mistakes you can make in your application

Social media is your friend, and social media is your enemy.

Q&A with a dairy farmer

Being born on a farm is not a prerequisite for a career in agriculture.

A career in agriculture

TO HAVE: Scholarship, Passion and a Bachelor of Agriculture.

I grow cotton and you wear it

Agriculture is an easy choice for me- it’s a lifestyle and a job.

Vet Science advice, from Dr Katrina Warren

3 lessons from our favourite celebrity vet.