The ins and outs of a Diploma in Business Management at Macleay College.

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Kiana, a Diploma of Business Management student specialising in Public Relations at Macleay College fills us in on the course and college. 

I initially joined Macleay College to study Marketing, but then quickly realised that my interests extended more into the Public Relations field so I swapped into this course. I like conversing with people and helping businesses to engage with their customers, so I thought this course would be more in line with that. I also liked the idea of covering the broader topics that are involved in this course, which I feel expands my career options even more.

I’ve been studying the course for two trimesters now and in that time we’ve covered a broad range of subjects, from Public Relations itself, to the foundations of marketing, business research and accounting – along with an Entrepreneurship Class (EC) which was really inspiring. I think that it’s good to branch out into these other avenues so that your industry knowledge is more rounded, rather than restricting the teachings to the Public Relations sector only. All the lecturers are pretty prepared too, so all the class worksheets and tutorial guidelines are available online for easy access, no matter where we are.

Internships form an essential part of our course structure, in that we have to complete a minimum of 60-hours interning throughout the duration of the course. I secured a placement at NAB Bank in their VIBE room, which is the bank’s live social media business channel. I think this part of the course is key in placing me one step ahead of other uni grads in a practical sense, with the experience teaching me how to apply what I’m learning into live workplace environments.

There are so many career opportunities opened up from this course, with Public Relations roles available across both the business and consumer sectors, or even branching out into events and sponsorship management. For me, I would like to continue down the path of social media strategy, which is what I’m learning from my internship. I want to direct brands in their own digital strategies by developing and managing their social media platforms.

The course at Macleay runs for 12-months and if you put in everything you’ve got you will get the most out of it. I would advise to make the most of the support networks available. The teachers at Macleay are really approachable and tend to go that one step further for you, such as bringing in accounting tutors when we were struggling with that subject. For a course like Public Relations where there is a lot of interaction, I would suggest to look for a class that has a smaller number of students so you can engage much more with the lecturer and fellow students.

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