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Brain Butter: Confident or Egotistical?

What is brain butter?

I read a lot of stuff on the internet and I love the feeling when I am reading an interview / article / personal essay and find a little chunk that really makes me think / reflect / feel something. I wanted a way that I could share these chunks with you; and just like that, Brain Butter was born.


Kara Swisher is famous and VERY successful journalist. She makes her own hours, writes a weekly column for the New York Times, produces two podcasts for Vox, appears regularly on CNBC, and hosts tech-world conferences.

I found this interview interesting because:

  • She is very, very confident.
  • When I read the piece I didn’t know if she was overstepping the boundary from confident to egotistical.
  • But then I thought, maybe her attitude and self credit is something we need to learn from?
  • Either way, a good Brain Butter read.
  • Tell me what you think about her attitude in our FB community thread.


I picked three of my favourite questions from the interview,

Where do you think you got your “world is my oyster” mentality? Can you attribute it to anything?

I’ve never worried about what people thought of me, and I think part of that had to do with being gay. My feeling at the time was, Well, if they don’t like me because I’m gay, what’s the difference? I think it frees you. If people don’t like you for some inane reason, then why worry what they think? And if you don’t worry about what people think of you, you can do almost anything.

You’ve had some notoriously bad bosses. How did you cope with them?

I’ve definitely been in abusive workplaces. But there are also types of bosses who try to hold you back a little bit, in small ways. I had one boss who, when I came back from maternity leave, said, “I guess you’ll need more time now.” And I was like, “For what? It’s not because I had a baby, right? Because it would be wrong for you to say that.” He was so awkward. I said, “I was the best before and I’m still going to be the best.” A lot of people would have let that kind of comment go, but I often say out loud what people are thinking. And in that case, there wasn’t any cost to me because I really was good.

And other pull away I liked,

“I think I work harder than most people, certainly. Some people ask, “Why are you successful?” And I’m like, “I work harder than you.” I do have talent, but I also put in the time. I’m not embarrassed about it either, and I don’t pretend it’s not important.”


Full interview can be found on The Cut

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