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Boost Juice founder shares her advice

Janine Allis shares her top tips for being a boss:

The main quality that any leader (boss) wants, is the right way of thinking or, as most people put it, the right attitude. There are two types of thinking; one is for those that actually do get ahead and the other are the ones that are always complaining and are the constant ‘poor me’’s. I have acronyms for both of these types. You can either be a VERB or you can choose to SOAR. My ten tips are based around these theories.

Let’s start with the people who will never get ahead and the boss will probably never promote (unless they’re family: the VERBS aka the ‘Don’t Be’s.

‘Don’t Be’ TIPS:

Don’t be a person who is:

  • A victim: We all know them, they are the people who are always hard-done by, the ones that never stand up for themselves and always complain without taking control of their lives. In the business world they are the ones whom always bad stuff happens (cue the violin).
  • Entitled: Bosses are not a fan of this type of person. These people that feel it is their right for a promotion, just because they have been there the longest, not because they are adding value. They are the ones that take every sick day, because they are ‘entitled’ to it. They are also that ones who never work a minute after 5pm, and if they do, they go straight to the Boss for overtime, because they are ‘entitled’ to it.
  • A rescue: These people never attempt to find the solution themselves, their first point of call is to look to someone else for the answer, they are not proactive and don’t sow initiative.
  • A blamer: This one is the one that bosses hate the most (well I do anyway) -the blame mentality (if you want an example, then take a look at politicians). Things go wrong in business, it is normal, but this type of person immediately gets to finger-pointing, to make sure that the blame never gets directed at them. The reason bosses hate this is that, they understand that things happens sometimes, but they love people who take accountability for what they do. Own it and let’s move on.

Now, we are all guilty of fitting into the above categories a times, but if you can mostly SOAR, then you will absolutely succeed in everything you do.

‘Do Be’ TIPS:

Be someone who has:

  • Solutions: Bosses love it when you come to them with a solution to a problem. Even they don’t not agree, they will appreciate that you are doing your best to solve the current problem.
  • Ownership: The opposite to blame, bosses absolutely love it when you own what you do right and wrong, they love it when you own your ideas and have conviction. Be proud to tell your boss some your ideas. Most people are just doers, stand out and OWN IT.
  • Accountability: In work you will be given a certain job description and you know what you need to achieve. Be accountable for not only what your do, but add value, have that curious mind to continue to be better and learn. This gives you massive power in your role. Words like “leave it with me”, “I will sort it out and let you know the outcome”, “if I need assistance I will let you know” show accountability for your role and how capable you actually are. When starting Boost there was no one to turn to, it was me, I was accountable for the wins and the losses. Wear both proudly, because if you are not making mistakes you are not trying hard enough.
  • Responsibility: This is where the real power to achieve lives. If you are responsible for your job, your life, your happiness, your dreams, then you have the power to make anything happen.

SOAR with the right attitude and you’re set for success.

It’s also important to put yourself out there. Make sure you talk to your boss socially, get him/her to get to know the real you, create opportunities to tell them your ideas. Often your boss has a boss – make sure they know your name too. Casually put forward your ideas when you have the opportunity. Ask their opinions (bosses love to think that you are interested in their thoughts).

In summary, if you feel that you ARE doing all the right things, and your attitude is to SOAR, and not be a VERB but you are getting nowhere, keep going but make a change of direction. Don’t complain about it (easy said than done), make a change (in work and in life). You have the power to create the life you want, go for it.

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