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Working on shoots as a fashion stylist

The inside word on fashion from Boohoo Stylist, Kate Holroyd. 


I did an art foundation year at Manchester Studies followed on with a photography degree. Which I decided wasn’t the right path for me, so I dropped out of the degree to search for work experience, which I felt would be much more valuable! 

Make sure you’re on the right course and you’re passionate about what you’re doing on it! If not, it may not be the right path for you, like me! I feel experience is definitely worth a lot more-but that’s just my opinion.

I wish that someone had told me that having a degree wasn’t the end all! I really panicked at first but realise now it was the best decision for me because of all the experience I have gained.

How to build your portfolio and get experience

Test shoots- keep your creative juices going:

Test shoots are the best way to build your portfolio! Do as many as you possibly can and build your portfolio up that way if you can’t get formal experience.

[At the interview] talk about what experience you have and show your portfolio- and have a trial day for the employer to see your vibe!! It’s the best way to see if the person’s up to the job!

Always be up to date with the fashion world (you never know who you’re going to bump into!)

They will also want to know if you are up to date with upcoming trends-so make sure you’re prepped on the latest fashion feeds! Keeping yourself up to date is easy through blogs and social media as well as fashion magazines. is a great one for getting all your latest trend fix’s and beauty feeds! I also love, GizeleAGoGo and


Networking and relationships are really important! You want to get yourself noticed and remembered for the right reasons, so always be on alert and making good impressions! Hard work and dedication always gets noticed.

Is the industry for you?

I think if you have a natural flare at something that it is meant for you! I went from thinking I wanted to be a photographer to realising it was the styling side of a shoot I enjoyed more and that was more suited for me! I would say you have to go down a few wrong paths to get to realise what you should be doing, unless you’re really lucky and fall straight into it!

I was surprised how fast the industry works. This is perfect for me though as I like to be kept busy and on my toes!!

[The industry has changed with the rise of digital media], everyone is self-promoting these days and a lot of the time you’re judged on how many followers you have!! Social media all the way- it’s the best way to promote yourself and show imagery that you’ve been working on!

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On the job

Day to day, I’m looking at what’s coming through as latest trends, how people are wearing those trends, must have pieces and preparing for any upcoming shoots! I work on the creative shoots including TV campaigns, infomercials and splash shoots. Steering the image for the styling on our website and influencing the e-commerce gallery.

We’re usually shooting about a month in advance to when it appears on splash! We’re looking at the next season now, the look-book will be shot within the next two weeks showcasing the new trends, which is all very exciting!

Love all the experiences I have had so far, it has been a complete journey for me at Boohoo, getting to travel to different countries and being able to progress! I love the creativity with styling, and that it is different each day!

I find it hard to pick negatives really! Probably the worst one for me is when you’re told you can’t use a certain piece as it won’t be in on time- heartbreaking when you have your heart set on that item to finish a look!

Behind the scenes with Kate:

Must-haves for the styling kit: Pins, double-sided tape and scissors!

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