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Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Law at UTS

During my time at UTS, I have developed a great interest in social justice. I am currently working at Anti- Slavery Australia, based within the Faculty of Law at UTS. It is the only specialist legal service that deals with trafficking and slavery in Australia. I am the Volunteer Youth Advocates Co-ordinator. My role requires me to coordinate the Youth Advocates Program, a peer-to-peer program designed to raise awareness and education around the issues of forced marriage and forced labour.

Throughout my time at Anti-Slavery Australia, I have been involved in the first religious leaders forum on forced marriage at NSW Parliament and I have also presented at seminars and workshops on forced marriage.

I am also involved in Amnesty International’s NSW Legal Network as the Communications Officer. The Legal Network comprises of lawyers, law students and people interested in the law to raise awareness about human rights. As the Communications Officer, I ensure that our events are promoted effectively.

I am also a paralegal at a Sydney law firm which has provided me with great experience in the field of law. From attending property settlements, to filing defences in the local court, I am continuously learning and growing.

I chose UTS because the Law faculty is renowned for its practice-orientated focus. It ensures that law students not only graduate with a well-informed understanding of the law, but also that they are work ready. This is extremely beneficial as employers are attracted to graduates who can demonstrate that they are knowledgeable of the industry.


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