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Q&A: From Google to Tik Tok to Venture Capital in London

A note from Sam:  My favourite part of this article is Susan’s advice around networking,…

Snagging Six Figures: From Marketing Assistant turned COVID Freelancer and $60,000

I think in my three years I completed 2 practical subjects that I would consider relevant to working in marketing or journalism.

Q&A: Creative roles in the business world

Absolutely, I think that being in product development and or in business strategy is probably more creative than being an architect…

Snagging Six Figures: From International Relations and $0 to Media Relations at a gallery and $60,000 in 2 years.

It is ironic because most of us go into international relations to bring equality to the world, yet to be able to work for free to get your foot in the door is actually a very privileged thing to do.

Roundtable Discussion: The true value of ‘Medical Science’

“I think it’s fair to say that 90% of the students enrolled missed out on undergraduate medicine. “

Snagging Six Figures: From earning $48,500 in consulting to $82,000 in talent management

In comparison to HR management, talent management covers more narrow scope in that we focus on people rather than on function and our role is aimed at the capturing and retention of talent.

Snagging Six Figures: From earning $54,500 in advertising… to coffee shop owner

The concept  ‘Snagging six figures’ was created after we had readers writing in asking for…

Cash Chronicles: Emma, 25, $80,000, Food poisoning

The aim is to encourage people to start talking about their money in real life. What you…

The business side of hotels

Ambiguous title, what does it mean and you do day to day?

The Resume Project: Accounting

In an interview what skills would you recommend someone promote about themselves?

Uncut: The things you can’t unsee as an ICU nurse

If you’re a nurse then cleaning s***, removing drains from peoples brains or thinking on your feet in a critical situation all become ‘normal.’

The Resume Project: Advertising and Social Media

Whether you want to be a journalist, a marine biologist, a business owner, a banker –…

I did a business degree, but don’t know what I can actually DO

How to find which business ‘shoe’ fits

Snagging Six Figures: From earning $48,500 at $85,000 in 4 years.

I decided to write this article because I really think there is value in quitting your job to get a pay rise.  I would take the value of a new experience seriously. It could open a lot of doors.

Workplace Romance: Part One, How it began.

Has the relationship been good or bad for your career?

Q&A on Studying Animation

How do get into the industry?

If you are considering psychology, STOP and READ this

Here’s the recipe for becoming a psychologist