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An Economist’s Guide to What the Future of Work Looks Like in Australia…

The future of work is… bright for recent grads. Here’s the best time to apply for jobs.

The future of work is flexible — and here’s how you can make the most of it

If you are an occasional remote worker, make the most of the days you will be in the office by having those important conversations face-to-face to ensure nothing is lost in translation like it could in an email or message.

Networking advice from a Big 4 Partner (which is valuable in EVERY industry)

First, stop thinking that everyone you meet is someone you can get a job out of. If you’re too desperate, you’re not a very attractive person to network with.

Brain Butter: Confident or Egotistical?

Chunks of advice from the internet that taste as good as butter

Cash Chronicles: 26, $72,000, new me, thanks to you

In March I shared my Cash Chronicles with you. At the time, I was single for the first time in my adult life. One Footnoter actually commented, “this girl is so tragic it kills me,” another, “$1033 a week on trying to impress a guy, LOL”.

The Things AI Can’t Do — Future-Proof Your Career With These Soft Skills

Yes, robots are now doing jobs that used to be performed by people, but there are some jobs roles that will always rely on the human touch.

Do robots really review my resume and how can I get past them?

What is an ATS and how does it affect my job prospects?

Climbing the ladder: Career Advice from Camilla’s Digital Marketing Manager

Most interns and grads we had at CAMILLA were already socially active and digitally savvy, so my advice is to understand how these mediums can be translated for commercial use, using these technologies to develop and grow a brand.

UX/UI design is one of the most popular jobs these days, but what is it?

Seven ways to go from amateur to less-amateur without design school.

Cash Chronicles: 25, $69,000, Dating* a surfer (*ghosted by)

Huge waves can be dangerous: I got the memo, every single surfing movie out there!

Cash Chronicles: 26, $70,000, My best friend’s wedding

I am still trying to land first dates while my fellow gal pals have somehow landed soul mates.

Map: To getting out of a career slump

“my ideas were met with negative feedback, and every invoice was so hard to send. It seemed like they didn’t even want to work on the project…”

Intern Diaries: Media Intern, Day One

Things I am not good at, remembering Big Brother 2014 contestants

Career Calendar: Radio Producer

Seeing how other people fill their day

Q&A: Real advice about running a business at 25

“Firstly, I have realised that having your own business changes you.”

Intern Diaries: Clerkship, Getting one and not get others

Before I tell you about my clerkship, I should tell you about the rejections I got, too.