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Intern Diaries: Media Intern, Day One

Things I am not good at, remembering Big Brother 2014 contestants

Career Calendar: Radio Producer

Seeing how other people fill their day

Q&A: Real advice about running a business at 25

“Firstly, I have realised that having your own business changes you.”

Intern Diaries: Clerkship, Getting one and not get others

Before I tell you about my clerkship, I should tell you about the rejections I got, too.

Map: To getting a pay rise

It’s actually much better to make the first offer (as opposed to waiting for it to come to you) because you get to set the “anchor”,

Intern Diaries: Book Editor, Day One

I got the internship after five emails, two cold calls and (embarrassingly) one writing submission to the publisher.

Cash Chronicles: 24, $56,700, I just got dumped

A drunk money would probably drunk text more responsibly than me…

Intern Diaries: Radio Production Day One

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally, I’ll get so shy that I can’t even sustain eye contact. My palms get so sweaty it’s as if I am a nervous foreign exchange student or something.

Cash Chronicles (Part 2): 25, $85,000, Remember “seeing ex on occasion (naked)?”… she’s back!

After reading the comments, I wanted to do a part 2.

Q&A with a Clinical Psychologist working with eating disorder and anxiety patients

People are really vulnerable, they expose a side of themselves that they might not ever have shared with anyone else before, and you have to hold that and help them come to terms with it and process whatever they are struggling with.

Cash Chronicles: 25, $85,000, seeing ex on occasion (naked)

This makes me feel sick

Cash Chronicles: 26, $85,000 & getting on top of debt

“McDonalds on the way home”

I wanted to know: “What Remains of ISIS”

So what will become of the thousands of youngsters that were pushed into ISIS’ forces in northern Iraq?

Cash Chronicles: 21, $650 a week, new to being single & new to a share house

Get home at 11am after getting dropped home by the guy I am seeing. Do I text him, add him on instagram? What’s the next step?

Cash Chronicles: 21, $660 a week, 2 jobs (1 that’s paid)

Normally, a mug shot would be a turn-off, as I try to make flirting with felons a rarity, but this guy gives me Saturday nights off when I need them and he has a car.

Q&A with a Clinical Psychologist: Do I have anxiety?

“Anxiety” can sometimes be thrown around a buzz word, what’s the clinical diagnosis?

Annotated By: An interior designer and Kylie Jenner’s house

Inside Kylie Jenner’s house