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The 5 people you’ll meet in every workplace

From nine to five, Monday to Friday, we slap on our best fake smile and suffer through awkward lift rides and conversations about their child’s gastro.

Allergies that bring us together

What does your group’s ‘thing’ say about you?

The 8 people you’ll always meet on a long-haul flight

There is only one thing that can dampen the excitement of an overseas holiday, the flight

Six times you’ve convinced yourself you’re dying, thanks to Google

You’ve spent a helluva long time next to those UV lamps that set shellac nail polish, and you did always wonder if it would kill you one day

Nine job stereotypes that are actually just the truth

Rule: fashion designers never look like fashion designers

The list of black holes your money is sucked into as a woman

I don’t know what’s worse, checking your sent messages, or checking your Uber account after a big night out.

What it REALLY means to be broke

Symptom one = “fiscal avoidance”, also known as “I transferred you cash last week, I promise.”

There is something you need to know about accounting

But their pay cheque is bigger than yours.

Some thoughts on people that ‘clean eat’

The difference between the Real Clean Eaters & the Guilty Garbage Eaters