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Didn’t get into medicine, what now?

From a Medical Science degree at USYD into Pharmaceuticals.


The experience of a Bachelor of Media & Communications at UTS Graduate majoring in Journalism.

A Bachelor of Arts and Commerce: MAQ

A student studying a double degree compares the nature, structure and content of each Commerce vs Arts

Government and International Studies at USYD

Informing and topical, but a glorified Arts Degree?

What does the work ‘coordinator’ mean in a job ad?

They won’t just take what you say at face value…

B. Commerce USYD: Student review

The call to study Commerce over Communications.

Accounting: Interview tips

A PWC Talent Recruiter shares his advice to Graduates looking to land a role in the big 4.

Digital Designer: A day in the life

“I wanted to study art, and so graphic design was just a natural extension”

My nursing story, “there are just some things you can never prepare for”

There’s things they don’t tell you, that could change everything.