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What I do as an environmental consultant

I wanted a profession that would let me have a positive impact on the world and society.

“I am a girl and I am a tradie”

Where women fit in construction trades.

Love/hate the Kardashians? Q&A with a reality television show producer

Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jersey Shore or The Bachelor… We reveal just how much of our beloved reality shows is real.

Considering American college exchange? Read this

Considering exchange to America? How much to save & where to go in Florida!

How do I be Taylor Swift’s manager?

I take full responsibility for the artist’s business matters… which is…

Is architecture for you?

Beware that it will probably combine inspiration, perspiration, frustration, and elation in equal amounts.

Why I chose property development

I work on projects that will eventually ‘come out of the ground’ and become people’s homes/work places one day.

Day in the life of a burns nurse

Injured in a backyard lawnmover petrol tin explosion, a young boy is rushed to hospital with flame burns to his face, left arm, left hand and chest.

Brand licensing: The newest ‘IT’ job

“I would say though that its a bit of a hidden industry”

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Law at UTS

I chose UTS because the Law faculty is renowned for its practice-orientated focus.

Why redundancy isn’t always a bad thing

5 lessons from a PR pro whom has been there and back.

A career in PR: How to get a job and be good at it

A seasoned PR pro writes…

“I did 6 courses in 9 years at 3 universities” Here’s why

How do you know when you’ve found ‘The One’?

I spent time working for free, now I am on TV!

Here’s how to master internships & ‘free marketing’.

Mental illness isn’t the end of your education

Mental illness and university are not mutually exclusive.

Bachelor of Communications in Film at UTS

Should you be enrolling for next year?

How to become a flight attendant

What you’ll be asked in the interview(s)