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Nursing: “What you can’t prepare for”

There’s things they don’t tell you, that could change everything.

Career Story: From a Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Science to zero jobs

After my degree I thought I could save the world, so I interned for four months in Equador. Then I came home and tried to get a job. But I didn’t. I didn’t even get a single interview. I probably applied for 50 jobs and it was really disheartening.

What is studying medicine really like? Q&A with a UNSW Med student

How to get into medicine as an undergrad.

Why I chose a Bachelor of Visual Communication

Is this the course for you? Read this student’s experience.

Law: A USYD student experience

I paid around $900 for my books this semester.

Where the hell is my career? Shouldn’t I be ahead by now?

“I’ve never been really good at anything. I’ve just been a hard worker.”

Why I chose social work, and what I do daily

“She’d been diagnosed with schizophrenia and acute anxiety. Her voices advised her to hoard belongings whilst her anxiety and paranoia were increasing due to the hoarding. It was a mess.”

Advice on getting into Undergraduate Medicine (Q&A with a Newcastle University student)

Advice on picking your subjects, UMAT and the interview process

What interning at Sass & Bide was actually like

Interning in one of Australia’s most successful fashion houses.

Q&A with a music lawyer

Want settle the feud of the year?

11 things you need to know if you want to be a lawyer

Your studies are just the beginning. Here’s how to get them right.

Job interview tips for the HR graduate

Learn some HR Graduate tips from a successful Deloitte recruit.

Working inside the world of addiction and rehabilitation

“I’ll never forget his story.”

Special Education: What they don’t tell you

Given the chance to go back and do it all over again, would I? Was it all actually worth it?

“There was an expectation I would be contactable 24/7”

The corporate law questions you’ve always wondered.

We need to talk about the perception of nurses

What’s the first image that comes to mind when you think of a nurse?

Why I quit nursing

The wrong placement, in the wrong hospital, in the wrong industry: Why I quit