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Career Story: From a Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Science to zero jobs

After my degree I thought I could save the world, so I interned for four months in Equador. Then I came home and tried to get a job. But I didn’t. I didn’t even get a single interview. I probably applied for 50 jobs and it was really disheartening.

Confronting stories from an ICU nurse

If you’re a nurse then cleaning s…, removing drains from peoples brains or thinking on your feet in a critical situation all become ‘normal.’

What is studying medicine really like? Q&A with a UNSW Med student

How to get into medicine as an undergrad.

Why I chose a Bachelor of Visual Communication

Is this the course for you? Read this student’s experience.

Law: A USYD student experience

I paid around $900 for my books this semester.

Where the hell is my career? Shouldn’t I be ahead by now?

“I’ve never been really good at anything. I’ve just been a hard worker.”

What is an Advertising Account Executive?

Any tips for Marketing Grads looking to follow a similar path?

Cringe, as I tell you about the worst job interview I ever had

When the recruiter just isn’t that impressed.

Why I chose social work, and what I do daily

“She’d been diagnosed with schizophrenia and acute anxiety. Her voices advised her to hoard belongings whilst her anxiety and paranoia were increasing due to the hoarding. It was a mess.”

Advice on getting into Undergraduate Medicine (Q&A with a Newcastle University student)

Advice on picking your subjects, UMAT and the interview process

What interning at Sass & Bide was actually like

Interning in one of Australia’s most successful fashion houses.

What veterinarians really do

You are able to save lives and make lives better.

What is an interior designer?

One requires a degree, one doesn’t… but is the job all that different?

Q&A with a music lawyer

Want settle the feud of the year?

Law: What is a barrister?

Monday morning, I am taking care of anyone arrested from Sat onwards…

11 things you need to know if you want to be a lawyer

Your studies are just the beginning. Here’s how to get them right.

Job interview tips for the HR graduate

Learn some HR Graduate tips from a successful Deloitte recruit.