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On The Phone With: The Sydney Roosters Sales and Partnership Executive

Can you move from playing the game to being in the business side of it?

On The Phone With: A Magazine Art Director

It’s about working out how the pages look – pulling on graphic design photography and layout.

On The Phone With: A Young Politician

And no, it’s not exactly House of Cards.

On The Phone With: A Fourth Year Physio Student from ACU

Note: sports physio is not where the money is.

The last cover letter guide you’ll ever need

If you mess it up after this, we give up.

6 careers if you love Geography

A climatologist, hydrologist and cartographer walk into a bar…

8 careers if you love History

Hands up if you’re good at remembering dates.

The must read for anyone considering an Arts Degree

“I’m going to do a Bachelor of Arts because I don’t know what to do with my life,” is the epitome of famous last words.

On the job stories told by a Sydney police officer

What’s happening in your neighbourhood?

Meet the Aussie musician, Gordi who’s making waves in the US

How to sign a record deal and tour internationally all by the time you are 24-years-old.

24 things you’ll understand if you have a hospitality job

And they said school shoes were just for school…